The Icing on the Cake- free downloadable lesson

A free downloadable lesson based around another wonderful animated true story from The conversation between a mother and daughter looks back on the family’s struggles as poor immigrants to the US, and how the daughter was inspired by her mother’s determination.

The lesson is  suitable from Pre-Intermediate +/A2+, particularly because the animation helps with comprehension. After watching and listening, there is a focus on impersonal pronouns/adverbs (something, anything, everyone.nowhere etc) and a discussion task which brings in more vocabulary to describe qualities we’d like to pass onto our children. Again, this could be adapted to lower and higher levels through the choice of vocabulary.

Download PDF here: ELT Resourceful – The Icing on the Cake


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  3. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful lesson.

    I’m so eager to get my students connected to the world that I thought of the importance to develop knowledge about different cultures and let them explore and understand them, as well as to provide the opportunity to think about their own lives and local context. It is going to be a challenging year as this is all new for me. + continue to keep the focus on their language development. 🙂

    I’d love to use this lesson with my 9th graders. Thanks again. 🙂

    • Thanks very much for commenting, Rose. I agree completely that an important facet of teaching, especially with teenagers, is to help them develop more than their language skills.

  4. Wang

    Thanks so much for sharing this moving story
    It’s useful for me to learn somthing as well as improve my languvage skills.
    I hope for more lessons.:-)

    • Thank you, Wang, that’s good to know 🙂 There are more lessons under ‘downloadable lessons’ at the top of the blog, and a new one, Real Beauty, on the home page.
      My next post will be more about teaching ideas, but I’ll be doing another lesson plan soon too.

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