BESIG Annual Conference, Munich, 4-6th November 2016

Climbing the lattice: Teaching Business English in the Age of the Adult Learner


Learn English in Wales, Cardiff, 29th October 2016

Don’t cry for me, Aunty Tina: Navigating listening through decoding


British Council Teaching for Success Online Conference, 5th-9th October 2016

Planning for Differentiation

(link to recording on webinar page of this blog)


NATECLA National Conference, Nottingham, 8-10th July 2016

Mindfulness for ESOL students (and teachers)


Teachers’ Summer Seminar, Dublin, 16th June 2016

Don’t cry for me, Aunty Tina: Navigating listening through decoding


IATEFL Annual Conference, Birmingham, 14th April 2016

Cracking the Code of English


ETAS Conference, Zurich, January 23-4 2016

More than a guessing game: identifying and teaching specific reading skills

Teaching Advanced Learners


British Council Teaching English webinar, 19th January 2016 (link to recording on webinar page of this blog)

How to get students writing in class (and loving it)


Webinar for OUP, November 2015 (link to recording on webinar page of this blog)

Helping advanced learners to really advance


Bedford College, July 2015

Do something different with the coursebook


Gdansk, Krakow, Katowice, Wroclaw, Poznan and Warsaw, March 2015 and Moscow and St Petersburg April 2015

Don’t cry for me, Aunty Tina: Navigating listening through decoding


Webinar for OUP, May 2015 (recording available  on OUP site under webinar resources archive)

Language for the future- reading and listening skills


Language Show Live, October 17th 2014

All the world’s a stage: Making Shakespeare relevant to ELT and ESOL students


Webinar for Pearson, June 2014

Practical planning for summer school classes


Brasshouse Conference, June 2014

Thinking on your feet or put on the spot?


British Council Seminar Series, London and Belfast, March 2014,  IATEFL Harrogate April 2014 and Nile, Norwich, August 2014

More than just a worksheet: how to write effective classroom materials


British Council Anniversaries Team Training Day

Some recipes for reading texts


Opening Plenary for Brasshouse Conference, Birmingham, June 2013

The portals of discovery: why feedback isn’t just a teaching technique


IATEFL Liverpool April 2013

Of course! Using a coursebook AND dealing emergent language


English UK Manager’s Conference, March 2013

Unlocking IELTS: providing less experienced teachers with a key to the exam


Bournemouth British Study Centres, February 2013 and St Giles, London, September 2013

Making in-class writing fun


BELTE, Brighton, 20th October 2012

11-14 minutes of hell? Preparing students to survive and even thrive in the IELTS speaking test.


NATECLA Midlands Day Conference  : Tradition vs Innovation, South and City College Birmingham, 17th November 2012

The Joy of Drilling        


2 responses to “Events

  1. Slava

    Dear Rachael, thank you very much for our blog. It is very helpful and interesting! Are there, by any chance, any forthcoming events or workshops?

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