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Navigate is a course for adults, learning English for work, social or academic reasons. The course takes an innovative approach to teaching reading and listening skills. You can find out more on the OUP Navigate site, or read my related blog post.


This was my first experience of writing a purely digital product. You can find out more about the MyEnglishLab products here.


I wrote the Advanced level of Real Life, an Upper Secondary course, published by Pearson. The main series authors are the Cutting Edge team of Sarah Cunningham and Peter Moor.


I was asked to write the new edition of the intermediate level of Total English. The original authors, Antonia Clare and JJ Wilson, were working on a big hush hush project at the time (it turned out to be Speakout), so I was given a pretty free rein to rewrite it. I ended up rewriting more than half, not because the original material wasn’t good (it was), but because once you start unpicking a book and including new texts and recordings, it’s surprising just how much new material you do have to write.


This is the new edition of IELTS Foundation, Macmillan, which is still going strong nearly twelve years after the first edition was published.


My first project for Pearson, a series designed for mixed exam/non exam classes. It is largely based around the Cambridge Preliminary exam, but covers other exams at that level too.

Independently published projects


A kind of pocket guide to all the essential teaching skills required on CELTA (and beyond), the CELTA Teaching Compendium is available on Smashwords, and

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I was delighted to be asked to contribute to the growing set of ‘How to write..’ e-books produced by English Language Teacher 2 Writer, and now they have produced their first collection of books as a paperback.


I am proud to have contributed a chapter to this book, a freely downloadable guide to everything you need to know to get started as a professional materials writer. It can be downloaded here.

Teachers’ books and workbooks

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