Gratitude: a free downloadable lesson

A free downloadable lesson, based around an authentic video. Research shows that feeling grateful for what we have and the people in our lives is a key factor in feeling happy. The video shows a group of people carrying out a task designed to increase their happiness in this way. It’s quite moving.

Suitable from Intermediate/B1+, the lesson starts with a short text to introduce the topic and get the students thinking about how people recognise and celebrate gratitude in their cultures. It then moves onto the video, where students watch two people visiting a friend and reading aloud a letter they have written , thanking them for what they have done. There is some focus on vocabulary, and some useful phrases that students could use themselves to say thank you. Finally, the students are asked to write their own thank you letter, which they may or may not choose to actually deliver.

Download lesson plan PDF hereELT Resourceful-Gratitude


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  1. mohammed el brahmi

    thanks a lot for the shared items.

  2. Hi, thanks for the lesson idea, I am planing to do this lesson with my students this afternoon.

  3. Thank you for this one, Rachael. The students were decidedly ‘made-up’ when we tried it this morning!

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  6. Thanks for the resource, Rachael:)

  7. Mohamed Salah (Tunisia)

    Many thanks for these bright ideas!

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