@janetbianchi for eltpics.

@janetbianchi for eltpics.

A link to my new post for the British Council Blog, on using realia, or real, physical objects, in class. Find out why a trainee teacher brought a chicken pie and a beef pie into class…


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2 responses to “Realia

  1. lisa

    Hi Rachel, am really impressed with your blog and am going to try out some of your lessons now that I have internet access in my teaching room. Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂 Regarding REALIA I live in Perth and take in West Australian native flowers into my classroom every spring and do a lesson on the names and also how Indigenous Australians used the plants for bushtucker etc. I then give the students the flowers to take home. The students are quite fascinated as the WA flora is unique and one Japanese lady made some of the paper daisies into a beautiful broach. Amazing!

    • Hi Lisa,

      That sounds like a great lesson- a way of understanding more about the culture of the country, and not something that would be that easy to just pick up as they went along.
      Hope you enjoy the lessons on the site too.

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