Pay it forward: free downloadable lesson

A new free downloadable lesson about the concept of ‘pay it forward’, incorporating reading, speaking, video, grammar and writing.

ELT Resourceful – Pay it Forward-Pre-Int level

ELT Resourceful – Pay it Forward-Intermediate

ELT Resourceful – Pay it Forward-Upper Int level

This lesson starts with a short reading text about a recent event at a coffee shop in Canada, where some-one’s kindness in paying for the person behind them led to 288 people passing on the favour to the next in line. The lesson then uses the video above (no words, just music) to extend the idea, before focusing on defining relative clauses. There are three different versions, so that you can either choose the most appropriate for your students, or use all Β three with mixed level classes. The lesson rounds off by asking students to complete a story, imagining their own chain of events.


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  1. expatseek

    We love the idea of incorporating the concept of pay-it-forward into a learning game. Great work!

  2. Great idea and the lesson, Rachael! Can I try it out?

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  4. Just what we need in today’s world..

  5. Love the video! Will use this with my FCE student.
    Thank you!

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  7. Thanks for this! My 8th graders are studying relative clauses and it comes at a good time. Many of my students are all from ruling political families with a sense of entitlement and to actually think about people other than themselves is not usually part of their agenda. It allows for some good talking points. In the near future if I could ‘pay it forward’ and contribute a lesson or two of my own I will do.

  8. Excellent. Looking forward to trying this one out on my students this week.

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  10. Sara Naseem

    Excellent idea ! Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

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  12. shirin

    sooooo powerful and lovely and amazing idea for world I really really love that video

  13. I love this material. I did it with my students several times in English and Russian classes and it was always extremely successful πŸ™‚ Thank you very much for sharing it. The only problem now is that the video is not available any more. Is there any other source to download it?

  14. What a lovely lesson, exactly what I’ve been searching for all morning. Thank you!

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