Living without money: free downloadable lesson

A free downloadable lesson about Heidemarie Schwermer, who lives without using money. Suitable from Upper Intermediate (B2) upwards, the lesson uses an authentic newspaper article, and focuses on reading, vocabulary and discussion. Note that the video below, which is in German, with English subtitles, is a lead-in, with the main focus on the authentic reading text to follow.

Click here for the PDF : ELT Resourceful-Living without Money

After the lead-in, students work on vocabulary from the authentic text, related to money and different roles in life. They then look in detail at the reading text before being invited to consider their opinions about Heidemarie’s lifestyle, and the bigger question of whether society is too materialistic and whether (and how) it should change.


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  2. That’s an extremely thought provoking material! I remember talking about this woman with my intermediate students. There was an article in New English FIle about her life choices. After reading I had no need to push my students into speaking. Hands were up before I could introduce the “let’s share” part 😉
    There were some very interesting thoughts . I remember one guy who said “Young people cannot do what she did because we would be branded as losers who only live off the society…”

    PS – thanks for sharing! Your site is a real treasure trove!

    • Someone else mentioned New English File- I hadn’t seen it. That’s one of the ways in which an editor comes in handy! But at least this is aimed at a different level. I agree, it’s a very thought provoking topic, and I love your student’s response- I think he’s probably right, don’t you?

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  4. This resource is excellent, thank you for making it.

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