English UK, London 10th November 2012

20th October 2012

11-14 minutes of hell? Preparing students to survive and even thrive in the IELTS speaking test.

Many students seem to find the Speaking exam the most challenging part of IELTS. As an examiner, it is very obvious which students have been well prepared (or not!) In this session, we will look at practical activities and techniques to help students develop their awareness of typical speech functions needed in the three stages and become more confident and fluent speakers.

We will start by looking at some typical problems students have in the IELTS Speaking exam, and briefly look at how IELTS is assessed, considering how an awareness of the different speech functions needed for the exam could help improve the students’ score in all four areas.

We will then try out some different activities to help students notice and appropriate the language used to express these functions, thus improving both the quality and fluency of their contributions.


NATECLA Midlands Day Conference  : Tradition vs Innovation

South and City College Birmingham

17th November 2012

The Joy of Drilling        

Many people see language drills (repeating language) as dull, patronising and outdated. They can be all of those things. However, done in the right way, they can in fact provide an enjoyable way for students, especially those with low literacy levels, to gain confidence and ultimately develop fluency.

In this workshop we will try out a range of drilling-based activities which require little or no preparation or resources, that are directly relevant to the needs of your students, and that I guarantee you and your students will enjoy!

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  1. Slava

    Dear Rachael, thank you very much for our blog. It is very helpful and interesting! Are there, by any chance, any forthcoming events or workshops?

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